Kloudq Technologies : Combining IoT And SaaS To Boost ROI Of Businesses

CIO Vendor Indian Digital Transformation market is expected to reach $710 billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 74.7%, during the forecast period. The growth in the market can be attributed to increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and surging manufacturing industry in the country. According to you, what are the major advantages that attract the customers to choose such solution?
We strongly believe that just buying a software does not increase sales or achieve the desired business objectives. The product and implementation partners should have a razor sharp focus on the business objectives of their customers and a clear thought process on how the product will help in achieving the organization’s goals. Our products have been designed in such a way that each of our customers can relate to the solution and understand the impact of how usage of the product is going to bring them closer to achieving their business objectives. We believe this is the reason why our customers choose us. Be it IoT or sales force automation solutions, we work very closely with our customers and together achieve the desired objectives.

What are the major expectations of clients from the digital transformation solutions provider, and how does Kloudq meet and exceed those expectations?
There are two key expectations based on our experience:
1. Customers want an ROI – If digitization is only going to take a manual process on an app, then it does not make sense in the long term. Every rupee invested in the digital transformation journey should yield returns.
2. Customers want a partner who will be part of the post implementation cycle. Each customer subscribes or buys with an intention of achieving certain objectives. There is a fear of failure as there is a cost associated with the purchase and the owning cycle. Hence, a partner who is not fly by night operator and who understands the importance and expectations of the customer is preferred.

How is Kloudq positioned in this domain?
IIoT and Sales force automation players are available in plenty. However, our key USPs are as under:
1. We are not a pure IT or technology company. We understand business and our solutions solve business needs and give a tangible ROI to the customers.
2. We are a self-funded company and are looking to be in the game for a long term unlike small funded startups who are looking to exit the business as a primary business objective.
3. We are working with very large organizations who are segment leaders in the country as well as with small companies. This flexibility in deployment is unseen in large enterprise solutions.
4. Customer success is core to our culture and not just responsibility of our sales.

Leveraging the power of IoT and SaaS, how has Kloudq helped the clients unlock value from supply chain and logistics, sales and marketing automation?
By deploying IoT and SaaS solutions, we have helped our customers provide better products and services to their customers. The combination of IoT and SaaS can help launch first time right products, ensure zero product breakdowns, drive product strategy through the entire distribution channel, improve the plant productivity through Industry 4.0 solutions and increase after sales revenue.

According to the latest reports, 73 percent of businesses say their applications will be supported by SaaS by 2020. Today, industries like automobile, food & dairy products, constructions, and manufacturing etc. are facing problems with regards to Market insights, Reach and range enablement, Visibility issues on ground situations, Data collection, and so on. With the rich experience of 5 years in the industry, we are successful to help and address company pain points and our solution fitment successfully solved their problems.

Kloudq’s achievements so far:
• Enrol new retailers at just 30 sec, Approval and taking order from new retailers is immediate, Invoice and credit history is readily available
• Average Reach increased by 24 percent in a year and Range fulfillment increased by 60 percent
• Sales Growth with KloudBeat focused approach –37 percent
• Average Beat Compliance increased by –94 percent and Visits to retailers increased by 55 percent
• 25 percent improvement in MTTR and 25 percent reduction in product breakdowns
• 30 percent reduction in unplanned breakdowns and 20 percent reduction in delivery lead times
• 10 percent improvement in OEE and 20 percent increase in machine uptime

The Digitizing business is becoming very helpful for the OEMs and consumer products manufacturing companies to increase their sales, market share, productivity, and branding. All you need is to find right technology partner and act fast as your competitor is also vigilant with the same objectives and roadmap for achievement of their organizational KRAs.

By deploying IoT and SaaS solutions, we have helped our customers provide better products and services to their customers.

Kloudq’s SaaS solutions act as an enabler to amplify the sales of a company by giving a granular visibility of not only the force but also the key stakeholders of company’s entire supply chain. How do your real-time actionable insights empower companies to diversify their product portfolio?
I strongly believe that we have end to end solution and a very unique approach towards our customers. We have seen a number of case studies where our happy customers are willing to share their success stories of increase in key parameters like sales, productivity, increase in retail outlets, brand awareness in the influencers loyalty increases, etc. with proven ROI within shortest possible payback period.

Our modules and some of the basic functionalities:
ProAct-Auto-Check on your eco-system, Actionable Insights for strategic growth, Identify potential opportunities for more business, improved efficiency and productivity. Our AI based analytics, ProAct task generation and management, Bucket and aging management, Escalation and task life cycle management, is helping many industries to act different from their competitors.

KloudBeat- Create, Track, Manage Beat Plans, Secondary Inventory, Orders Tracking, Actionable Insights, Sales Force Automation Software (KloudBeat) is a one stop shop to help you efficiently track and manage your secondary sales to get a clear visibility on the productivity of your distributors, retailers, and other influencers, thereby enabling you to stay on top of your market trends, focus on newer revenue streams and innovative products.

Influencer loyalty program – Enrol Influencer, Influencer Beat Plans, Track retailer relationship and influencers, Scan codes and redemption points confirmation. Kloudq Insights -Analyse SFA data and derive meaningful insights, Strategize your focus with data simulation, Increase Productivity and Sales, Achieving Company KRAs.

KloudPrime-Dealer Management System, Invoicing and dispatch, Primary Orders, Outstanding, stock levels, Instant Communication.

These are some of our many modules. Our entire stack generates data and with AI, we can have trends and granular visibility at product and geography level, which is helping organizations achieve business growth.

How can Remote Monitoring help organizations?
Remote monitoring goes a long way in making products smarter. Apart from being a value added feature for the end user, the system can align the entire R&D, quality, product management and after sales service to work based on real world product usage data. By doing so, companies can improve product quality while reducing product costs which is a paradigm shift in the way things are done today.

What are the future strategies for Kloudq with regard to the digital transformation wave that is happening in India?
We have always believed that digitization should aid in increasing sales or improvement in productivity and efficiency. We are working on multiple projects like tracking and improving productivity of industrial fleets, field force monitoring, integrating with IoT, Business execution suite which can take care of multiple operations which are currently being tracked and worked upon in excel, business analytics etc.