Canias ERP: Transformational Web – Based Open Source ERP Solution

Dynamic’and ‘Highly competitive’- These are probably the key words that best define the manufacturing industry. And an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution in this dynamic and highly competitive manufacturing Business is something better tagged as a ‘need’ rather than some thing simply ‘nice to have’. With a focus on integrating various standalone operations and departments into one application, ERPs have evolved into systems that bestow businesses with endless benefits. Organisations, as a result, find themselves presented with a whole new level of transparency and collaboration. Despite being one of the oldest business process applications, ERP systems have managed to stand at the forefront of technology, constantly evolving into solutions more sophisticated in their architecture yet user-friendly. They are today crucial to a business’ performance in the market. Moreover, the advent of the cloud has almost brought in a paradigm shift in the ERP market, bolstering it even further. With developments such as these, it will come to be of little surprise to learn that the ERP software market is expected to hit a staggering 41.69 billion USD by 2020 globally.

Pongiri Vasan Ramakrishnan, Country Manager

A key player in the growing ERP market is Germany headquartered IAS (Industrial Application Software) that has been helping organizations manage complete business processes i.e.‘procure to pay and order to cash’ through their robust and powerful solution Canias ERP. Boasting of an experience spanning over two decades, the company has set itself on the route to high growth trajectory with over 800 customers in 28 countries and more than 50 partners worldwide. In India, IAS has been operating from its branch in Pune along with Research & Development(R&D) facility. A state of the art solution, Canias ERP doesn’t just address the unique requirements of various businesses but adds real value.

A factor that strongly distinguish the solution in the market is that Canias ERP is one of few completely web based, open-sourced business solutions and needless to say, the source code comes with the software and is highly customizable. It is both platform and database independent which makes it fully compatible with all kinds of operating environments and databases. With scope to be deployed both in the form of standard adaptable ERP as well as an original development platform, Canias ERP has been architected with more than 40 modules completely integrated into the overall solution. These modules cover almost all processes of different industry verticals, thus empowering the leadership teams to run their operations efficiently and make better, more informed decisions using reliable data.

Flexibility to Manage Resources
Delivering clients the required flexibility to manage their resources, the Canias ERP Material Management module entertains many features. One important feature is Inventory Management(INV) that enables organizations to gain in-depth insight into the past and actual inventory statuses as opposed to simply letting users record and monitor warehouse inventory. Computer Aided Quality Control is yet another system that significantly minimizes time and energy consuming management activities while ushering in transparency, efficiency and effectiveness during quality control.

At the heart of the logistic chain in organizations is material requirement planning. Keeping its significance in view, Canias ERP continuously transfers every data to the Material Requirements Planning(MRP)module. Transfer Order(TRO)is another module that warehouses will find quite effective with its ability to identify material requirements, conduct stock planning activities, demand materials from other warehouses while also following up on orders.

Complementing all of this is Canias ERP’s Warehouse Management System(WMS)module which enables the management to acquire an overall view of warehouse addresses and warehouse locations. Automatically calculate the most convenient place while considering the various requirements and criterion.

Streamline Business Operations
The Canias ERP Project Management module streamlines all business operations. Taking care of everything right from integrated cost and resource planning to comprehensive planning and scheduling of projects, the Project Management module is enriched with automatic status indicators and graphics that details the project. It delivers organizations utmost control over projects to be performed. Adding to the list of its capabilities Pongiri Vasan Ramakrishnan, Country Manager IAS shares, “Our Project Management module is fully integrated with the Canias ERP system; it is thus possible to use data in both directions. All our modules are schematically connected,
which allows companies to effortlessly control all the work process with unlimited access to information.”

Complete View of Customer
Customer Relationship Management(CRM)is today an indispensable part of any business strategy. And why shouldn’t it be? Better the relationship is with customers, the greater are the opportunities for organization’s success. With both ERP and CRM systems maintaining detailed information of the customers, including the order and transaction history, integration between the two only makes sense. The integrated structure of Canias ERP’s CRM ensures that all data from daily operations of the Canias ERP’ CRM module and other modules are recorded and managed centrally. This module also includes Communicative CRM, Analytical CRM, and Operational CRM further integration of which delivers users with the opportunity to make better estimates about customers, vendors, and prospective customers and vendors. Easily store contact data for individual requirements and adopt special approaches for contingent customers and immediate response to developments in customer relationship. The Canias ERP CRM module can also be implemented as an individual solution. However, Pongiri Vasan Ramakrishnan suggests that complete integration of the CRM module to the Canias ERP is likely to bring greater advantages.

Identify and Mitigate Risks
Identifying, measuring and minimizing risk factors that are likely to have an adverse influence on operability, particularly on the profitability of enterprises is imperative in the highly volatile business landscape. Herein, CaniasERP’s Risk Management which is a completely integrated system plays a key role. With its ability to use data from any module in the system, the CaniasERP’s Risk Management module identifies and determines risks into four basic risk groups i.e. Strategic, Financial, Operational, Compliance/Disaster. Identified risks are then assessed using several methodologies such as brainstorming, scenario analysis, profit/cost analysis etc. They are then operated and ranked accordingly. Appropriate risk control practices such as Avoidance, Prevention, Protection, Distribution, and Transfer are implemented and tracked constantly. Identified risks are also run at specified times to create reports and graphs that help companies better analyze the risks and its factors.

Aforementioned were only a few amongst Canias ERP’s extensive list of over 40 modules. Other modules include the Accounting, Costs, Purchasing, Product planning and Scheduling and many more. In addition to Manufacturing, Canias ERP also finds widespread implementation across verticals such as Aviation and Defence, Mining, Retail, Automotive amongst others. Enabling clients to optimize on the delivered solutions are the experienced consultants at Canias ERP who bring in extensive experience across industry verticals with an in-depth knowledge of their operations. Taking on a partnership approach, this team of consultants works closely with client teams imparting training to differnt levels of the user including the end-users as well as the administrators. IAS also offers preconfigured solutions, such as Canias SME ERP for the SMB segment as well as industry specific solutions. Moving ahead, the market can expect the firm to stay focused on the ERP segment, driving the organizations to the next levels of efficiency.

Unmatched Flexibility
To ensure that the proposed solutions meet all of the clients’ specific requirements, customizations are a must. And the team of professionals at Canias ERP has spent much of their effort in this area. In fact, in a survey it was found that users from medium-sized companies choose Canias ERP over a number of different solutions in the market, ranking it best for flexibility and customizations. Pongiri Vasan Ramakrishnan says “We understand the need of customization in today's competitive market. The survey only shows that we are on the right path. Regardless of whether you are looking for a standard system or customized application, you will find your solution in Canias ERP”. Integrated with 40 different modules, the customizable standard software from caniasERP has been designed taking into account almost all processes in different business sectors and has also been touted for its ability to go way beyond the classic ERP functions. What’s more, with the availability of the Source Code of the application at the hand of the users, customers can customize the application as per their needs.

The Power Behind Canias ERP
What makes Canis ERP one of the best business solutions in the market today is its object-oriented integrated development environment (IDE), TROIA. Fully integrated into the caniasERP platform, TROIA is open-source, highly customizable and comes with a standard software maintenance contract that allows adjustments not only by IAS consultants but also by the customer’s trained personnel. Responding to the question of protecting both source code and upgrades during customization, Pongiri Vasan Ramakrishnan says, “Owing to the transfer concept within TROIA, a change can be made in the relevant function derived from the standard, not in the standard code itself. Therefore, even when customer-specific complex changes are made, conformity of the standard version is guaranteed. In other words, both the standard code as well customizations remain fully secure after an upgrade.