Cantier Systems: Transforming Manufacturing with Smart and Data-Driven Technologies

With the advent of state of art technologies in the manufacturing sector, the demand for better and efficient manufacturing processes has risen. But still, at the shop floor level, the manufacturing industry is very typical and jammed with roadblocks. Optimizing the resources and cost to reduce the waste and to complete the production cycle with timeliness has become imperative to keep pace with demand. Along with these, other concerns faced by the manufacturing industries are visibility, minimizing equipment downtime, data collection, and Quality. The need of the hour is Smart Manufacturing. To address these manufacturing concerns, Cantier Systems has introduced its Cantier MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Prabakar P. Selvam - President and CEO Cantier Systems, says, “Cantier MES is configurable and highly scalable manufacturing software that includes realtime Operations, Inventory, Quality Management and Equipment Maintenance with IIoT capabilities in a single application.” The software is designed to address four key pillars of manufacturing Inventory, Production, Quality, and Maintenance. The four key areas entail all crucial aspects of a manufacturing industry. Fixing the process at these platforms can address the key concerns of traceability, quality, data collection, maintenance and overall equipment effectiveness.

"Cantier MES is configurable and highly scalable manufacturing software that includes real-time Operations, Inventory, Quality Management and Equipment Maintenance with IIoT capabilities in a single application"

The company, other than providing MES (Manufacturing Execution System) also caters to the need of digitally driven manufacturing needs. The company’s Industry 4.0 solutions power Cantier MES to enable IoT devices. In the era of big data analytics, Industry 4.0 solutions enable real-time data-driven decisions. As the need for mass customization in manufacturing industry holds a crucial aspect, Cantier’s product configuration module helps define product characteristics, bill of materials and process flow. It defines each and every characteristic of the product that shapes its physical dimension. The same product configuration can be extended to the
customer to define their choice of product characteristics and it would enable the Mass Customization. Prabakar continues to add the Smart manufacturing feature of Cantier product, he explains, “When we do equipment automation, the System automatically sets up the equipment configuration as the product/component flows into equipment. The product configuration can be even captured in an RFID Chip and be embedded into the product so that manual interaction can be avoided.”

Prabakar P. Selvam, President& CEO

Cantier Systems serves the clients directly without any third party intermediary. Talking about the other key aspects of the company that has helped it gain customer trust and set it apart from its competitors, Prabakar says, “Our key strength is our local presence. In terms of monetary consideration in the entire APAC market, we offer ten times lower cost.”

Cantier Systems offers solutions for all the modern day manufacturing needs, right from shop floor to IoT device management. The customers are gradually leveraging the state of art technologies Cantier Systems has to offer. The services help companies right from digitization and equipment automation to data collection, and analytics. The company envisions implementing Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the upcoming phases. Prabakar signs off adding, “We have upcoming new Projects related to MES, IIoT, and Industry 4.0 in Singapore, Malaysia, India and Philippines.”