Jaaji Technologies: Enhancing Connectivity and Security with Innovative Enterprise Networking Solutions

In the said fourth Industrial revolution, manufacturing sector is undergoing a massive change by implementing state of the art technologies. AI, IoT, Cloud, and Digital Transformation are revolutionizing the setup, processes and decision-making capabilities. These technologies are helping to address the challenges effectively. At the same time, when every sector of industry is witnessing a revolution, there are organizations that are yet to come out of the legacy way of doing things.

Siva Rama Brahmam, Managing Director

Siva Rama Brahmam, Managing Director of Jaaji Technologies, points out the existing work culture in the contemporary manufacturing scenario in the country, “In Indian scenario, most of the manufacturing companies have not yet implemented the Manufacturing Execution Systems(MES)/Manufacturing Information Technologies(MIT). Further the IT/OT integration is still in budding stage. As a result, they find it difficult to address challenges and take quick decisions”. The manual processes are rife with errors and delays that can put companies in compromising situation when key decisions must be taken. Implementation of MES/ MOM/MIT solutions can accelerate the manual and time-consuming processes while ensuring efficient operations and decision making capability. Jaaji Technologies offers right tools needed for these processes with post implementation support. Since companies look for cost benefit in implementing a new process for business, Jaaji Technologies provides high value added products with a variety of features and solutions at a very competitive price.
Headquartered in Andhra Pradesh, India, the company has a motto of simplicity with sophistication. Jaajitech offers its manufacturing technological solutions in the field of Data Analytics, Operational Intelligence, Asset Performance and Digitization. It provides smart software technologies for Oil and Gas, Power, Chemicals, Cement, Utilities and other Chemical Process & Manufacturing Industry. The company has built inSis Suite software as its Make-In-India initiative. Jaajitech’s software is not only most suitable for recent times but also scalable and secured.

Talking about the cost benefit to the customers, Siva Rama comments, “When we approach our customers for providing our products and solutions, we many times end-up competing with very big names like Honey well, Siemens, and Schneider etc. Customers who require more features and cost-effective solutions tend to prefer us to these big names”. The factor that sets Jaajitech apart in a favorable position than its competitors is, being the original developer of inSis Suite Software & Technology, it is easy for them to add new features/options quickly for the emerging needs of customers.

The company also has to offer inSis Cloud. It is the cloud version of inSis Suite with IIoT support. It features Cloud Historian, Data Analytics, and Asset Performance products. Additionally, inSis Suite offers a variety of Mobile Apps; there is Native Apps as well as mobile views customized for smaller screens. By enabling the manufacturing analytics on mobiles, the overall productivity of team is enhanced greatly.

Jaajitech also helps manufacturing sectors in data analytics, its inSis Suite provides a comprehensive platform for Data Analytics, Asset Performance, and Digitization of the Manufacturing processes. It serves as a single point source for all the Real-time manufacturing information to analyze and troubleshoot the Operational & Performance Issues that are essential for Operational Excellence.

Apart from its on-going processes in India, the Company looks forward to expanding its business in the Middle East and the Far East. On the technology front, it has a clear roadmap for product development.