Soft Designers: Bolstering Manufacturers' Production Efficiency with end-to-end Turnkey Solutions

Raj Kumar, Technical Director

Manufacturing has emerged as one of the high growth areas in India, with the confluence of several technology disruptions such as IoT, Data Analytics and Robotics that are collectively transforming the way the manufacturing industry functions today. Moreover, the advent of the Industry 4.0 as well as the introduction of government initiatives such as ‘Make in India, are further propelling organizations to pursue their manufacturing agenda. However, despite this progress, the industry is still constrained by certain challenges where volatile market conditions, rising labor costs, skills gap and stringent workforce related regulations are pushing manufacturers to seek more innovative methods to increase their production efficiency. Perfectly understanding these challenges and the scenario in which manufacturing companies operate today, Bangalore headquartered Soft Designers brings end-to-end TurnKey solutions to help manufacturing companies improve their productivity in real-time. The company has been recognized by Intel as Intel Technology provider in Manufacturing Solutions.

Since its inception in 2011, Soft Designers has focused extensively on providing innovative hardware and software solutions to help manufacturers meet their diverse needs in a rapidly changing manufacturing environment. The company thus serves as a prime partner in developing production efficiency improvement tools and customizing them according to the customer’s specific requirements to help them attain a more measurable ROI. “The emergence of the
Industry 4.0 has increased the need for more digitization, business intelligence, analytics, and data transparency. Soft Designers is meeting these demands through providing a means for customers to adapt to the latest technologies,” affirms Raj Kumar, Technical Director, Soft Designers. The company’s expansive portfolio of offerings includes Digital Work Instruction, Andon Wireless System, E-kanban, Work Permits, Force and Distance Measurement, Traceability and Capacitor Testing Machines.

With an objective to provide a more efficient means of maintenance and troubleshooting, Soft Designers equips manufacturers with the Andon Wireless System to help them tackle machine maintenance issues more effectively. Designed to reduce unplanned downtime, the Andon System allows operators to report issues to the maintenance engineers/technicians in real-time and can also be used by maintenance personnel to acknowledge and resolve the issues raised by operators. Along with add-on features to aid engineers in preventive maintenance, the wireless Andon consists of a Machine Health Monitoring Website that employs wireless protocols to monitor the status of machines in remote locations. Furthermore, the company also provides an E-kanban signaling system to trigger the movement of materials within a manufacturing facility. Through incorporating good inventory practices to improve the flow of production, the E-kanban system facilitates cost and waste reduction and allows for material request management to be carried out more seamlessly. In addition to materials management, Soft Designers also furnishes manufacturers with a Digital Work Instruction solution to allow for all information pertaining to machines to be made available in a more digitized way.

Having catered to the manufacturing industry for more than 7 years, Soft Designers has carried out several successful installations across India. Leveraging its vast expertise in this domain, the company intends to optimize the Manufacturing Industry through bringing innovative IoT applications and AI-driven Predictive Maintenance solutions. Soft Designers also envisions expanding into Europe and the US in the upcoming future.