Acumen and Grin Solutions: Empowering Enterprises for Smart Manufacturing

CIO Vendor The share of the manufacturing sector in the country’s GDP has been increasing in response to the new FDI policy of the Government of India. MSMEs’ base of India is the second largest in the world only after China, accounting for about 45 percent of the manufacturing sector output of the country. However, in their endeavour to scale up their business, the MSMEs face challenges like increasing labour costs, long lead times, cash and fund flow mismanagement due to uncontrolled production planning, improper utilization of the resources and capabilities and excess inventories. They need a deep strategy along with comprehensive analysis of the organisational structure and operational processes to increase the productivity in a sustainable manner. Hence, enterprises expect much more from consultants or service providers than just training of the tools. They are in search of consultancy firms that can help them with a clear vision, ideation and operations strategy through deployment of improvement projects.

Acumen and Grin Solutions is a team of consultants and industrial engineers with a vision to assist manufacturing firms in becoming World Class Organisations. The company has uniquely positioned itself in the market for improvement of the bottomline and top-line growth of the manufacturing firms by providing them with ideation driven consultancy services and on-floor training, helping them scale up their business.

We have been providing ideation strategies and hand-holding support to our clients for the past 13 years to transform their vision into reality

Optimizing Resource Utilization
“In today’s competitive world, neither the price of finished goods nor that of raw materials is in our hands. What is in our hands is the operational cost. If the operational cost is controlled, then the cost of production would come down dramatically. Our focus is to reduce the manufacturing cost of the organisations,” says Maitreyee Umrani-Belsare, Director - Business Development, Acumen and Grin Solutions. The company helps SMEs and micro SMEs improve the cash flow and decrease the manufacturing costs by reducing the lead times, optimizing the space and resource utility and inventory management. With its novel space optimization techniques like alignment of machinery in functional sequence and visual system for storage racks to release the space, the company enables its clients to manage the operations efficiently within the limited area.

Ideation along with On-floor Training for Project Improvement
Acumen and Grin Solutions provides on-floor training for the clients’ staff on project implementation and workforce management in local languages, facilitating them to effectively use the technology solutions for increased productivity. “We work as a facilitator to implement the improvement project along with the client’s team and also help our clients reduce the lead time and improve the on-time delivery to double the productivity by using the techniques of Industrial Engineering and Operational Excellence. We have been providing ideation strategies and hand-holding support to our clients for the past 13 years to transform their vision into reality,” adds Maitreyee Umrani.

Acumen and Grin Solutions has enabled its clients to achieve significant results like: Doubled Productivity, Space release by 25-30 percent, Inventory reduction by 20-25 percent, Lead times reduced by 50 percent, On time delivery increased by 40 percent, Rework/Rejection reduced by 60 percent and many intangible benefits.

Not resting on its laurels, the company aims to become a global consulting firm in Manufacturing and Service sectors, catering to the future smart factory needs. It is also bridging the gap between industry and academia by providing industrial training to the students with its highly experienced professional trainers and helping them with better job opportunities, thereby aiding the industry in talent acquisition.