Aurify Systems : Enabling Customer-Centric and Intelligent Automation

CIO Vendor The manufacturing workforce has been absorbing new technology for more than two centuries. Today, the industry finds itself in the midst of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, which is poised to transform work at an unprecedented pace through exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, and cognitive automation, advanced analytics, and IoT. Manufacturer’s adoption of ML and Analytics has improved the preventive and predictive maintenance, helping them manage operations well in interpreting the customer’s expectations. However, meeting the customer’s expectations while keeping a check on the budget demands intelligent automation. This is where Mumbai based company, Aurify, positions itself to enable organizations to understand their operations better, derive patterns through analytics, strategize, optimize and be future-ready with nextgen automation solutions.

The company’s Quality solutions determine the quality of the products developed during the process of product development in the assembly line, be it finished or semi-finished product.

Manufacturing industry thrives on accuracy, quality, and fast delivery. Aurify ensures enhanced quality through Integrated Quality planning with the organizational strategy. This strategic tool helps the organizations become more competitive and quality focused. The company’s Quality solutions determine the quality of the products developed during the process of product development in the assembly line, be it finished or semi-finished product. Data taken from various sensors are analysed and with ML-based algorithms, a prediction is derived. Such predictions help
determine the accuracies and effectiveness of processes and help corrective actions on a proactive basis. Alternatively, imagebased processing is also possible to detect whether the product has achieved manufacturing accuracies without any physical contact with the product. Real-time intimation of any defective product allows quality control and helps automate the process.

Eliminating Operational Bottlenecks
It has become a norm to set rules before a project goes live. The major challenge this scenario presents is that rules made for the project undergo several changes and omissions. What is more, over a period as the operation grows, exceptions and several use cases generate. Unless tackled with better operational automation, sales and efficiency drastically plunge. Going against conventional methods to predict data, Aurify provides sales and inventory forecasting using ML and Predictive Analytics to recognize patterns, learn from experience, and improve efficiency. Its ML-based algorithms help in demand forecasting, customer segmentation and understanding trends.

Rishi PalekarApart from these segments of predictive analytics and preventive maintenance, Aurify provides its flagship product called StoreScript©. This solution predicts footfall count using ML technology. Deep Learning technology captures actual footfall and generates additional analytics likes gender demographics and age, customer-staff interaction time, customer journey tracking, hot-cold zones and repeat customer analysis which helps in providing better service efficiency and personalized services. Aurify provides additional solutions for corporates like Face Recognition based biometric solution used in Authorisation systems, Workforce management and Visitor’s management. There are security and safety related solutions like Perimeter Security, Intrusion detection, Asset protection, crowd monitoring, people/object counting. Offerings helping operations include Queue management, automated parking assistance, seat occupancy management, virtual assistants and so on. New lead generation solution through Interactive Video Wall, helps enterprises to effectively do branding, get conversions and get the desired analytics.