Decintell: Driving the Manufacturing Industry Forward with Digital Solutions

CIO Vendor Today information technology has become an integral and vital part of everyday business operations.“The impact of information technology has been immense in transforming the modern day business activities irrespective of the industry. However, in India, manufacturing is the most underserved sector by IT owing to several reasons like unskilled labour, lack of awareness about the scope of emerging technologies, initial resistance to change, expensive deployment costs etc. With the initiatives of Indian Government under ‘Make in India’ the manufacturing activities in India have gained momentum. Many manufacturing firms are relocating to India due to trade tensions across the world. Manufacturing industry provides huge opportunities for the growth of IT service providers. Technology companies with deep manufacturing domain knowledge will experience rapid growth over the next decade,” opines Shantanu Joshi, Co-Founder, Decintell.

Decintell Falco is an end-to-end and customizable solution to suit the specific requirements of the individual firms and facilitates all the key processes of the manufacturing industry

Pre-configured KPIs for Complete Business Visibility
Clearly understanding the ground reality of Indian manufacturing sector, Decintell, a technology solutions company with years of domain experience has come forward to address the needs of the manufacturing firms by
providing cutting-edge technology solutions. The company offers a comprehensive solution Decintell Falco, to provide extensive insights about the key data points and predictive alerts required to run a business. It provides role based access for the predesigned dashboards to the employees. The company offers manufacturing firms end-to-end visibility to their businesses with preconfigured KPIs for Finance, Sales, Quality, SupplyChain etc and helps analyse the equipment data through IoT sensors and data loggers. The company’s dashboard solutions that are especially developed for MSMEs can be deployed both oncloud as well as on-premise. Decintell provides consulting and process digitization services to help businesses identify and address the process gaps. The company also runs profit centers for its clients to add value to their businesses.

Shantanu JoshiData-driven Decisions through Intelligent Dashboards
Decintell Falco is an end-to-end and customizable solution to suit the specific requirements of the individual firms and facilitates all the key processes of the manufacturing industry. It assists the management to take data driven decisions by integrating with the ERPs to streamline the ERP system data and builds analytical reports by analysing the data. It collects the data from the machines, equipment, logistical support systems and analyses it for optimal and efficient equipment settings, prediction of spares and consumables, maintenance planning and remote management of the equipment. “We help manufacturing firms and equipment manufacturers by providing data analytics and IoT powered decision intelligent dashboards, CRM and quote builder tools. We are working to develop Decintell Falco as a complete package to meet all the requirements of the manufacturing firms especially in the areas of production planning, capacity planning, quality management, field service, spare parts service, change management and customer complaint handling. With easy and one-time configuration setup and affordable monthly subscription features Decintell Falco has become a very powerful tool for SME businesses,” concludes Shantanu Joshi.