Zentron Labs: Delivering Complete Solutions for Quality Inspection

CIO Vendor While old might be gold, one could argue that there are several limitations to using the old fashioned way of inspection. Among the many industries where visual inspection is required, there are several where visual inspection is considered to be of very high consequence and is high priority activity due to the potentially high cost of any errors that may arise via inspection such as injury, fatality, loss of expensive equipment, scrapped items, rework, or a loss of customers. Such fields where visual inspection is prioritized include manufacturing industry, automotive, food industry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and others. All the mentioned industries produce small precision components where quality drives the entire manufacturing process. One of the ways to help ensure the quality of such products is through the use of Automated Inspection systems or Automatic Visual Control Systems. The system of completely automating the quality Inspection ensures accuracy, consistency and also brings down the cost and manual dependency. These features are strategically provided by Bengaluru based company, Zentron Labs by automating the end-of-life quality inspection in production processes that need visual checking. Zentron uses industrial cameras in conjunction with computer Vision Algorithms to deliver innovative and custom vision solutions to perform an automated visual inspection.

Indigenously Designed and Manufactured Systems
Years of R&D have resulted in Zentron Labs forming a list of clients who have for years retained the partnership due to strong reliability and loyalty. Zentron has been able to cater to the clients’ needs due to its potential to deliver full solutions for quality inspection. A team of dedicated and expert members makes this possible who handles every aspect of the product development lifecycle; conceptualization, mechanical design, Optics System design, Electronic design, Algorithm development, and software
development. Several players in this field are already in the market, but what makes Zentron stand out is its indigenously designed and manufactured systems. This ensures the highest reliability under local conditions with the highest quality of support directly from the manufacturer. The system is designed in such a way that an unskilled operator can operate it with ease and robustness. Zentron’s first gauging system which was installed 5 years back is still functioning satisfactorily and delivering desired results 24X7.

Zentron uses industrial cameras in conjunction with computer Vision Algorithms to deliver innovative and custom vision solutions to perform an automated visual inspection

Fulfilling Customers’ Needs
These systems have been built with a high level of configuration in mind where the customers have the flexibility to change parameters, add new parameters or add new components to be inspected on their own. In addition to these, all the products are industry 4.0 enabled, providing quick and high-quality support from the office, as well as enabling various reports real time on mobile phones and deskops. Even though the systems are generic, Zentron customizes the systems to suit customer’s needs. This is ensured by involving the customer and the users at the design stage itself so that finally the customer gets a smooth, seamless and completely customized experience. Such attempts have kept the company at the forefront of technology. Zentron Labs in coming years is all set to gear itself up to come up with highly innovative vision-based products from India for the world.