Centre for Quality Management (CQM): Helping Manufacturers Optimize their Operations Excellence

Specialized in providing Consultation and Training services for various business process improvement methodologies, CQM has been constantly striving to bring a positive change in organizations by significantly improving their profitability, sustainability and growth. Furthermore, with a team of experts from diverse disciplines, CQM’s consultants and trainers have vast experience in a wide range of industry encompassing manufacturing to retail. Their passion for problem solving has made them upgrade their knowledge and capabilities consistently to better serve clients by creating cutting edge solutions.

Ensuring Business Productivity & Sustainability
One of the major USP of CQM has been its holistic methodologies while approaching organizations through four-dimensional vision of technologist, economist, sociologist, and behavioral scientist. CQM drives various implementations including, quality management, environmental management, safety management, project management and social compliances management, to name a few. Furthermore, CQM also has various Business Excellence Models, wherein they offer consulting services across Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Methodology, Process Management, Balance Score Card, TPM, Change Management, and SMED, among others.

“We are completely focused on developing organizational maturity by assessing the current state of the organization with respect to every business parameter. After thorough assessment of our clients on various grounds, right from operational, tactical to strategic, we seamlessly process the implementation by eradicating every grey area pertaining to it. And after this, we come-up a viable customized deployment plan, considering every requirements of the clients, thus ensuring quality deliverability,” highlights Manish Pawar, Director, CQM.

Building Credibility, Efficiency & Productivity of Human Capital
CQM, with its immense knowledge bank of management consulting, has developed various training programs, where all the contents for trainings are developed in-house and delivered accordingly. CQM offers customized content to organizations to fulfill their learning objectives. They offer certification courses in a number of areas of operations management including ISO standards, SixSigma programs across production, operations & quality management, Lean Management Programs, Total
Productive Maintenance, Risk management, data analytics, human resource domain, and many more.

“We are planning to start few separate learning centers across Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi. With this, we would be shifting our focus from B2B to B2C segment to provide various certification courses to the common masses,” explains Pawar. “We are also tied-up with some reputed management schools and engineering schools to provide needed skill development programs for the students and make them future ready,” he adds.

CQM doesn’t just believe in serving its clients, but has a broader aim to significantly contribute to ‘Nation Building’. “We are currently indulged in lots of CSR activities and have come-up with programs at a very low cost. We are doing free programs in the tier-3 cities such as Kolhapur, and interiors of Maharashtra, where individuals and organizations don’t have much to spend on trainings, but will be able to fully reap the benefits out of the various skill enhancement programs,” concludes Pawar.

Entering New Paradigm of Industry 4.0
Currently, CQM, with its vast expertise for strategic and operational excellence, is assisting organizations from different sectors with identifying opportunities through Industry 4.0 technologies to enhance their capabilities for better visibility into operations, cost savings, accelerating production lines, and all-time customer support.

CQM is creating IIOT solutions for managers and business leaders to get a full and accurate view of how their enterprise is performing, which will help them make better decisions, get alerts on products & process failures, save energy, monitor performance of machines & processes, predict failures, and take timely & effective corrective action.

Pawar is of the opinion that organizations of the current and future no longer have the elbow room to get away with product, service error and customer dissatisfaction. Customer expectations are changing rapidly due to exposure to information on mobile devices, and hence organizations that do not reorient themselves shall be lagging in the competitive race. Continual improvement at all levels is no longer a choice but a vital ingredient for survival.