EFESO Consulting: A Truly Global Pure Player in Industrial Operational Excellence

CIO Vendor Manufacturing and logistics are two of the core segments of the business ecosystem. Owing to the advanced technological innovations, these two segments have profited enormously. With new technologies getting integrated, service providers in this domain are dedicatedly working towards providing holistic and optimum experiences. They are taking care of the whole process from manufacturing to supply chain for their clients, thus rendering a seamless work flow.

EFESO Consulting is active in the global consulting industry for over 40 years, delivering tangible short & long-term results through a multi-specialist approach, deep & instrumented, provided by more than 500 consultants around the world. The India office, headquartered in Gurugram, is one of the 35 EFESO offices located across the globe. “We integrate Process, Digital and Human dynamics to amplify and accelerate tangible progression, while from the start ensuring anchoring and sustainability of achievements. Using this P-H-D approach we help our clients reach higher levels of end-to-end value chain optimisation, with specific in-depth expertise in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and R&D,” says Rajinder Singh, Vice President & Managing Director, EFESO Consulting.

Knowledge of the Industry
The company truly believes that India is on the cusp of a disruptive digital transformation and there exists unimaginable potential for it to achieve as a nation. In the times of Industry 4.0, the fourth stage of industrial revolution, manufacturing processes are transforming with connected machines and thereby enabling the use of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) to improve
automation, communication and use of real-time data.

By applying the technologies and principles of Industry 4.0, EFESO has helped many organizations improve the efficiency, quality and safety of not just their manufacturing processes and production systems, but also of the people. “We have developed our own digital platform for operational excellence tools such as e-tagging, OPLs, CIL check sheets, PCS and Team boards, as well as remote trainings to help eliminate non-value added activities, increase transparency and leverage data to generate deeper insights for a sustainable progression of our clients”, states Rajinder.

Milestones Achieved
EFESO’s client portfolio in India covers some of the biggest names across industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Beverages, Packaging, Electronics, Automotive, FMCG, Chemicals, Glass, Oil & Gas and others. The Indian team prefers to be called as ‘mentors’ as they train, coach and handhold their clients in eliminating losses and make sustainable gains. The methodology is strongly built on the guiding principles that have helped clients achieve ideal results in the journey of progression and excellence. EFESO is a licensed affiliate to the Shingo Institute and the global partner for JIPM.

Acting Against the Pandemic
According to Rajinder, the current pandemic of COVID-19 has brought the world to an unprecedented halt. In this hour of great distress, there also exists a greater opportunity to imbibe new avenues of learning and growing. The company designed a number of high-impact and high focus e-training modules on problem solving, maintenance excellence, training within industry (TWI), performance management system, manufacturing excellence, performance behaviour, lean six sigma and many others. “The content is customized based on client needs from an intricate overview to deep-dive into topics. The online trainings, facilitated by our experienced mentors are highly interactive, as the participants get enough opportunities to clear their doubts and feel confident about the practical application of the topic,” concludes Rajinder.