Quadruple: Taking Businesses’ Growth to the Next Level through Lean Operations

CIO Vendor The impact of COVID-19 on the economy has been predicted to be devastating for manufacturing companies across the world with shrinking demand and unrelenting cost pressure across the board. Companies are looking for ways to reduce cost, improve margins and free-up cash flow in these challenging times. Lean manufacturing combined with Industry 4.0 will help in realizing these benefits in Operations and Supply Chain. Without doubt, large companies will go in this direction. However, the key here is adaptability of the MSMEs because they will be more affected by the challenging economic situation.

Quadruple Consulting was founded by Arul Senniappan with the vision of helping companies transform into a Lean Operation to achieve margin expansion and growth. The company is well positioned in the market to utilise the advantage of the need for lean manufacturing consultants. “We currently have customers like Rexnord, Messer Cutting Systems, and Ramkrishna Forgings primarily focussed on Business Transformation. We have been giving a huge push on the supply chain front, especially our 3PL and Internal Plant Logistics service. We see huge benefits for customers in terms of cash flow and margin expansion with this service,” says Arul, Founder, Quadruple Consulting.

Margin Expansion & Freeing-up your Cash Flow
Quadruple Consulting has developed a business system named Quadruple Business System (QBS) that has drawn lessons from Toyota Production System, Danaher Business System, and Theory of Constraints. Several of its consultants have been entrepreneurs themselves, which means they
look at everything from a growth, margin expansion and cash flow perspective.

Transforming an organization into a lean enterprise is not an easy task, as it requires collaboration between c-suite executives and shop floor workers. QBS emphasizes that every effort that is applied has a direct impact on the bottom line which directly ties into one of the company’s core values – Kaizen with a business purpose. Improvements mean nothing if it doesn’t affect your bottom line positively.

We have been giving a huge push on the supply chain front, especially our 3PL and Internal Plant Logistics service

QBS also helps companies identify breakthrough projects and help them align the resources to achieve long lasting results. Quadruple Consulting accomplishes this using a lean method called Hoshin Kanri, which ensures that the strategic goals of a company are achieved by driving actions at every level within the organization. Companies like Danaher have used this method effectively and has delivered tremendous value to the shareholders. Apart from this, the company has associate facilities that offer a multitude of manufacturing capabilities.

“Our consulting team primarily consists of consultants with a Lean Manufacturing and technology background with experience in various companies known for Lean implementation. Our own team serves as a Wikipedia of Lean knowledge. If any one of us is stuck in a project without a solution, we can draw knowledge from our own team and get going. This is a valuable asset that helps us grow faster,” adds Arul.